The Art Of Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a difficult and time-consuming task, with many things for couples to consider. Depending on the nature, size and theme of a wedding- the number of considerations can increase exponentially. Fortunately, however, there are a small number of essential things which most couples must consider when planning a wedding.


One thing to consider is a date for the wedding. This is essential, as the time of year that a wedding is planned for could lead to other considerations, like weather and venue availability. It’s important to consider that there are certain seasons that hold more popularity in terms of weddings, such as June and Christmas and that certain Charlottesville Virginia venues may have been booked for specific dates several years in advance.

Depending on the date of the wedding, you should also consider the venue. Venues are especially relevant if you live in less temperate climates prone to rain, or if in winter, snow. For this reason, you should consider whether an outdoor ceremony is feasible and whether you want to travel between venues for the reception if the weather is likely to impeded transport.


A third thing to consider when planning a wedding is the guest list. While this seems basic, it can be a challenging and time-consuming task- so should be prioritized. Aside from family, you should consider other essential invitees that would contribute to the pleasure of the ceremony. Any potential guests that could be liabilities in terms of confrontation or trouble should be considered accordingly, especially in terms of their overall effect on the wedding celebrations.


A fourth thing you should consider is catering and any dietary requirements. Catering is often included in a venue package, and this can be an effective way of delegating responsibility. However, if you are in charge of choosing and ordering food, consider any vegetarian or gluten-free options for those with dietary requirements.


Alongside the catering, when planning a wedding you should also consider the cake. While most couples have a definite image in mind of their ideal cake, sometimes its construction isn’t feasible in terms of cost and time. Consider whether the size of the cake is enough to feed all guests, whether the complexity of the design would require you to pre-book well in advance, and whether the color scheme of the cake complements your venue decor.


In terms of decor, you should consider whether the venue allows for decorations and whether you would prefer that the venue decorate for you instead. Most couples have a theme, and decorations are key to executing this vision. However, many venues prohibit hanging decorations or potential hazards like candles. For this reason, consider what you would like to see in your venue and what is possible for you to implement.


A seventh thing to consider when planning a wedding is shoes. While this seems unconventional, polls show one of the most common complaints about brides and grooms on their wedding day is discomfort as a result of too high heels or too tight dress shoes. For this reason, consider a change of shoes for dancing at the reception or a more practical alternative to begin with.